Powder Coat Finish Details

Cruisin Off Road uses a top quality powder coat procedure.  Every part that gets powder coated is first sand blasted to remove contaminants, and to provide a rough finish for the powder coat to adhere to.  Next a zinc-based primer coat is applied and baked.  Finally the top coat of semi-gloss black is applied.  

The procedure ensures that even if the coating is scraped down to the metal, the finish will not peel or flake.  Any gouges can be touched up with commonly available paint to cover up the bare metal.  Rock chips don't cause rust to form the way it would with a single-stage coating due to the rust inhibiting properties of the zinc-based primer.

The semi-gloss top coat cleans up very nicely, is durable, and is a very close match to many other aftermarket accessory brands.  If you already have one part from another company, there's a good chance that the new Cruisin Off Road parts will match.

Other topcoat options such as satin, or even other colours are available, most at a reasonable extra cost.