Cruisin Off Road: How we got our start

Jason Hugh started Cruisin Off Road in 2010 after finding that it wasn't possible to meet the demand for Land Cruiser (and other) armour in his spare time. As a father of two, Jason spends his off time exploring the mountains of the Fraser Valley in BC, and taking the family on trips to Squamish and Penticton for their world class rock climbing areas.

As a ticketed welder, building stuff out of metal is second nature. Finding ways to build parts that work with the lines of the vehicle is where the artistic tendencies show through. Armour for a truck should be functional, yes, but there is no reason it has to look like it was robbed off a tractor.

As Christians, we attribute all success to our God and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I will not be starting a sermon now, just giving credit where credit is due. We also let our faith guide the way we run our business and our lives.

Jason Hugh